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Tiffany Powers Keto Diet CoachKetogenic eating works!! About 1 year ago I could barely function. I had to sit on my couch all day because I was too tired & I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t clean my house, I could barely be a mom…I was so exhausted constantly. I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus and it was causing me to be chronically fatigued. After treatment with my Dr. here in Austin and changing my lifestyle to a Ketogenic lifestyle I can function again and I have my life back and feel 10 years younger. Bonus is that I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I went from sitting all day and wondering if this would be my life to literally to running around like a crazy woman because I have so much energy now. My labs are so much better! Blood pressure is normalized, cholesterol is down, insulin resistance is so much better, and inflammation is down. I now help men and women by creating Ketogenic meal plans for them. I also coach you along the way motivating you every step of the way.

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What My Keto Clients Are Saying

“Tiffany is not only an amazing coach, but in amazing person. Her knowledge about all things keto is tremendous! I had, it seemed, and endless amount of questions throughout my coaching, but she never seem exhausted of them. She answered all with honesty. I was very nervous about such a big change in my diet but she made it so easy. The meal plans were not scary to introduce into my lifestyle, and meal prep was a breeze,  and she did planning out healthy meals and this was a huge bonus for me. She is very compassionate and it shows in how she is as a coach. She cares about your health and helping you succeed in the keto lifestyle. I highly recommend you reach out to her if you were contemplating keto.”

“I had been doing keto on my own for months and was having very slow results. After working with Tiffany I discovered what I was doing wrong. By following her plan I was able to lose close to 20 pounds in less than one month. Tiffany explained to me how keto works with my body and was quick to reply to any questions I had. I was able to continue losing weight with the knowledge that I have acquired from her. Thank you, Tiffany! You changed my life!”

“After being on prednisone for systemic lupus, I have put on weight. I was getting married in a few weeks and I was miserable. Having a background in dietetics myself, I was skeptical about trying a new diet. But Tiffany was so helpful and encouraging, I lost 20 pounds in 30 days and I felt and looked great for my wedding! I got to eat lots of healthy food and I noticed a reduction in my inflammation and pain.”

Real Life Results of Keto Diet with Coach Tiffany

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