What is Keto?

There are a few different types of Keto out there.  Overall in general it is Low Carbs, Moderate to high Protein and Moderate to High FAT!


What FAT?? Doesn’t eating fat make you fat?

No eating fat doesn’t make you fat.  Eating Processed, high carb, starchy, sugar filled foods are what makes you gain weight.


What about my cholesterol?  Isn’t that going to go up?

Cholesterol is a steroid, its entire job in the body is to help promote healing.  Think of it as an ambulance, every time you get hurt your body will send the ambulance out to the injured area.  HENCE WHY there is always cholesterol present when people have heart attacks.


What is involved if I work with you?

I do one on one Keto Coaching.  We will have a Consult call, and make sure all your questions are answered. Then we will have you sign up, I will send you a week 1 meal plan, have you go shopping, and we will set up your 4-30 min sessions over the next 4 weeks.  You also get to text me daily.  I recommend you get a Ketone/Blood Sugar monitor.  I will have you text me once a day and let me know what they are, we can make changes as we go.


Why high protein? Isn’t keto high fat?

The high protein keto that I use is high fat and high protein. I have found this to be more effective when people are in weightloss mode. I have had countless clients coming to me telling me that they were eating tons of fat bombs and tons of bulletproof coffees and it wasn’t working for them. They have said that their weight loss was either non-existent or very slow. When we focus on the high proteins and high fats I find that this is most effective for weight loss and they are still able to get into ketosis as well. When someone has reached their weight loss goal they can usually maintain by adding in the extra fat bombs and bulletproof coffees.


What is the best way to test if you are in ketosis?

Using a precision extra glucose and ketone meter is the best way to test if you are in ketosis. Your ketones need to be ideally between 1-3 and your blood sugar needs to be below 80. It’s best to test in the morning. Even if your ketones are in the ideal range, but your blood sugar is above 80 then you aren’t in ketosis. That would mean that you are still glucose dominant instead of keto dominant. Do keto pee sticks work? The keto pee sticks do not work once you are keto-adapted. They will show that you aren’t producing many ketones and that is because the ketones are in your blood instead of being excreted in your urine. I don’t recommend them because their results can be misleading.